Today I hoovered a meteorite

10 Feb

View of the exhibition

After Maurice Egerton’s death in 1958, his exhibition in the Tenant’s Hall at Tatton Park was gradually broken up and put into storage. Today, only his organ, bookcase and large taxidermy heads remain on display there. The Hall is used for events and not open to the public.

Maurice's coat and snow goggles

In 2004, an exhibition on Maurice was installed in the old Servants Hall. This has allowed a good portion of his objects to be on show once again, and tells Maurice’s story as a collector, landowner, explorer and pilot. I love how the exhibition allows you to explore and stumble across some of his more weird and wonderful objects hidden inside, above and below the cases, like tiger skulls, elephant feet, mammoth teeth, coco-de-mer nut and ostrich eggs.

3 elephant feet

As a Mansion Assistant, every winter I take part in the winter clean, where we clean each room in the mansion from top to bottom, using the guidelines of the National Trust Manual of Housekeeping. This week, I’ve been winter cleaning the Maurice Egerton Exhibition Room. Dusting the cobwebs has given me time to think more about Maurice, his collection, and of course my PhD! It’s been nice to spend a few days getting up close with the objects and thinking about how my research might help promote the collection in the future.

And it’s always fun to come home from work and say “I’ve hoovered a meteorite today!”

Hoba Meteorite


2 Responses to “Today I hoovered a meteorite”

  1. Robert Garrett February 10, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    Sarah , very interesting reading all about what you are studying , keep up the hard work it will all pay off in the end ,we know you will achieve the grade and job that you want. Take care love Angie xxx

    • sarahandherphd February 10, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

      Thanks, thats so kind! Hope to see you guys soon x

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